Aether's Premiere Macro Dancing Community

About Esprit

We are Esprit, the spiritual successor to the Tech Step community. Founded by macro dancing veterans passionate about the craft, Esprit aims to carry on the spirit of community and collaboration. Our dancers come from all walks of life and all experience levels, and we are always eager to welcome more people looking to learn into the community. We perform both as a group and individually at all kinds of venues and events, and occasionally host our own events as well!If you are interested in joining our community, do not hesitate to join our Discord!

Ahro'zi zhimsa

He - Him

Jesse Locklear

He - Any

Goro Majima

Any Pronouns

Xanthe Almondbright

Any Pronouns

Oihy Cbeny

She - Her

Jovi Cookies

She - Her

Solara Leocor

She - Her

Rei Asteria

They - Them

April Cleo

She - Her

Ryujin Setsomi

He - Him

Phrinn Softpaw

She - Her

Robin Mewrilah

She - It

Mikh'a Wolndara

They - He

Ayanga Uyagir

They - She

Echo'ir Soma

She - They

Thank you!

Esprit thanks all those not listed here for the services they provide to ensure our performances go smoothly and that our dancers can perform in a comfortable, low-pressure environment.We give our sincerest thanks to the volunteer ushers who give their time for our performances, and to Goro Majima and the Sunshine Theatre, who allow us to use their stage as Esprit's home!

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